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Beyond Challenges Community Services, LLC

“Achieving challenges of the world by creating a community of outward-looking life learners”

What does daily life looks like at BCCS?

At Beyond Challenges Community Services LLC, each day is a new day of achieving, and getting each member beyond their challenge. New opportunity for personal GROWTH life enriching development. Members are involved in a full daily schedule in exercise, personal meditation, fellowship and structured learning times, covering all topics from social skills to apologetics. 

In addition to these daily activities, members enjoy weekly community engagement events, including volunteering, attending social events, and working in the local and neighboring counties. 

Why BCCS is the RIGHT place for you?

Families of loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities should ask themselves
these questions to determine if our services are right for you:

  • Is it difficult to find temporary care for my loved one?
  • Does caring for my loved one interfere with scheduling appointments or with personal projects?
  • Is it important that my spouse and I enjoy an evening ALONE together?
  • If I had appropriate care for my loved one, would I use the time for a special activity with others?
  • Am I concerned that in the event of a family emergency there is no one with whom I would feel secure with to leave my loved one?
  • Would I feel comfortable having a trained, caring provider care for my loved one?
  • Do I avoid going out because I feel I would be imposing on family and friends who care for my loved one?


BCCS, LLC. offers Respite and residential care are an important service that BCCS, LLC. provides to families and guardians that want to know their loved ones are in good hands.

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you and your family will benefit from our services. Give us a call TODAY to see how we can help!